Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sad, sad news

My Moos [sigh], they're very sad.

The Money-Plant … I had to throw it out. It developed some kind of condition that … Oh, it's just terrible.

The poor plant was rotting away from the inside, one stubby segment at a time. I don't know if the pot drained so slowly that the roots just turned to mush, or if the plant picked up some kind of weird germ. I'm hoping the former, since we kept the plant in our dining room, and I'm not keen on the idea that there are weird germs floating around there, so very close to our kitchen …  And my thumb is normally quite green, thank you very much.
It looked like there was no hope for the plant. I chucked it into the trash. The thought of taking a farewell photo of it was just too much for me to bear.

My dreams of it bringing good financial luck (I was hoping for ducats) are dashed. Woe is me.

The moos are homeless. Woe are them.

None of our remaining potted indoor plants are appropriate for them to live in; the pots are too small = not enough moo terrain, or the pots are way too big = too much uneven terrain and they'd get lost or buried. If I put them in with any of the plants outside, the neighbor's cats might steal them or, worse, eat them!

And besides, I haven't disinfected the moos yet; they might have germy-germies on them.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


... for the company of young, articulate, thoughtful designers, at the brink of setting out, ready to make their marks on the world

... for sunrises that insist on nothing less than my undivided attention

... for new running shoes, happy feet (and non-crunchy ankles and knees!!) and finally registering for the 5K