Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Open Road

Busy weeks. Long, lazy weekends. Back to school to figure it out.

MrMominFL posted a photo of the beach out there, and I was inspired. And after the rain yesterday and the maddening 2 hr delay in the morning along an 8 mile stretch on PCH because a single light was out (grrrr. CHP, are you listening? A little help here? Maybe someone to direct traffic during rush hour?! Helloooo... ) ... the drive home revealed sunny skies, fluffy clouds and a brilliant, endlessly blue ocean. And open road. With working traffic signals.
In the end, we would probably do best to stop and breathe it all in.

I haven't been able to capture the "endlessly blue"-ness on film or with paint, at least not to my satisfaction, to where I think it conveys how I feel about what I'm seeing ... but this photo yesterday captured a nice moment along the way.


You guys have a good couple of days out there.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Word Cloud

Where do I find these things? These endless-hours-of-distraction things?

Does it matter?

This is something that I found at another blog. SnapShirt generates a Word Cloud from the words on a (your) website or blog. Lookit what they got, randomly from mine. You can force word replacements, and looking at mine, I would say that I'd like to force the word 'cream' to be represented as 'ice cream' in my little Word Cloud. And I kind of like 'Southern CA' instead of 'Southern'. Oh, hey, and 'heffalump' showed up.


Oh, I see. Looks like they're getting most of this content from the template, since those words are used on every post. Ah ha...

You can get, I'm guessing, t-shirts and stuff made from your own Word Cloud. Anyone want one from the Digital Fridge Door? Maybe I can make money for my summer vacation that way [smirk].

I don't know if they'll start sending you spam if you have the image emailed to you (I can let you know), but you can get your own here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A little bit of drawing

Catching up with posting a few drawings here and there. I ought to be catching up with laundry and cleaning, but, okay... let's be real, this is more fun for me.

The flowers on the left made me think of Lisa Simpson (yes, the cartoon character).

Is it really a hair scrunchy? Or just a really deformed crinkle-cut fry? Hmmmm.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Karen tagged me. Do you really need to know what’s in my fridge, closet, purse, car, and nightstand? Oh dear.

By the way, Karen did these great illustrations to go along with her lists. That's a nice touch. I'll work on a few of my own as I go along, but I've got plans for the weekend, see...

In my fridge (near and dear to my heart):
Among other things - Spinach, miso, small containers of Yoplait, fat-free Lactaid milk, olive tapenade, champagne, wine and beer, eggs, sweet hot mustard, Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar crunch ice cream and leftover beef stew in the freezer.

In my closet:
Among other things – running shoes, lots of pastel yellow t-shirts, white cotton blouses and jeans, handbags, and a collection of stuffed animals that I felt compelled to hide: Tigger, Stitch and Pooh bear.

In my purse:
3x5 notecards, hair clip, lip balm, sketch pen, Kodak EasyShare C340 digital camera, extra AA batteries, Aveeno hand cream, business cards, HP ipaq. Oh, and my wallet, checkbook and cel phone, of course.

In my car:
Ha Ha! I just got it detailed! It’s unusually clean! Gum, Altoid mints, a bandaid, a towel (so I don’t spill coffee on myself on the way to work), Thomas guide (LA and Ventura counties), golf clubs.

Night stand:
Among other things – photos of my high school graduation and Denny and Claire’s wedding, my first term shop class jewelry box, cuticle rub cream, Restoration Hardware ‘Shore’ sheet spray, Johnson’s bedtime lotion and books: On Becoming a Leader, The Te of Piglet, Just Ask a Woman and The Now Habit.

It’s a busy life full of lots of things to do and enjoy, huh? Imagine what I edited out. No, wait, on second thought, maybe it’d be better if you don’t…

So now, I tag Nina and the other Wendee. And we’ll see if Ken is willing to join in on the fun.

Oh, was it supposed to be just five things of each? Whoops.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It’s about time!

I hear you all saying, "It's about time!"
You will note from the last parking sticker that my last term at school was Summer '02, when I graduated. Hey, I was just looking for a good round sticker to take the place of the old ones, so I could readily identify my tan Camry...



Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Off on a tangent

Working from home today, trying to enjoy my breaks a little bit, to get back to a bit of drawing, restoring some of that balance...

As I’m finishing (the drawing, not the oatmeal), I think, “Wow, now that’s an unfortunate tangency there. Whoops. Oo, and there, too. Gee.” It’s this annoying knack that I haven’t been able to shake. If you see it, you know what I’m talking about, and you know that it bothers me. Egh! If you don’t see it, then that’s just fine. Sigh. That’s what Photoshop is for, I guess.

But, just so that you know, I’m not gonna let that bother me too much beyond typing that last paragraph. I was actually concentrating on getting the spoon to read like metal, and the bowl to curve, show the shadows … make the stuff in the bowl look like oatmeal, instead of, say … ice cream. Poof! The angst? See? It’s gone!

Ice cream. Hmm. Ice cream. Y’ know, I have ice cream … in the freezer. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

Wow, it’s been forever since I last posted. I guess I’ve been distracted, but happily, not by crazy, endless work. What? Not by work? Oh, you’re wanting details? Yeah, right.