Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happiness is

Peanut butter and Huckleberry jam! Mmmm.

So who was that whiny, cranky person that wandered through here last night? It’s like they were seriously under-caffeinated or hadn’t eaten normal food in days or something. Yeesh! [Shrug]

A note on Huckleberry:
We were driving through Big Sky Country, going way North (yeah, past Santa Barbara) this summer, and I started to see road signs for Huckleberry Ice Cream.
I perked up (just as you just did, Tony) and went “Huckleberry?”

J thought it was the promise of ice cream that did it.

You know those things from your childhood that you hear about but never get to experience first-hand? They’re familiar, but you just don’t quite understand. So, given this tidbit of huckleberry info (courtesy wikipedia) …

In the Pacific Northwest of North America, the huckleberry plant can be found in mid-alpine regions, often on the lower slopes of mountains. The plant grows best in damp, acidic soil. Under optimal conditions, huckleberries can be as much as 1.5-2 m high, and usually ripen in mid-to-late summer; later at higher elevations.

The Huckleberry is the state fruit of Idaho.

... How does a school in Hawaii (no state fruit) have a cheer that involves Huckleberries? I’m guessing there aren’t many indigenous huckleberry plants in the Aloha State.

Have I asked this already?

I think the cheer goes way, way back. I’m thinking, hoping, before the cartoon characters, at the very least. I can’t quite find the history on it.

Anyway, so there I was, in Montana, in the drizzly grey cold, swinging my feet back and forth (short legs), contentedly scarfing down huckleberry ice cream with my guy, idly thinking,

“Strawberry Shortcake,
Huckleberry Pie!

V - I - C - T - O - R - Y

Are we in it?
Well I guess … “

“Mmmmm. So this is Huckleberry. Mmmmm.”

Getting back to painting. Did some research on what huckleberries look like.

I found this online:
“Hawaii offers perhaps the most unique blend of culinary history and flavors of all the 50 states. Geography, people, history and evolving local tastes combine to create a cuisine that merits detailed study.”

'Merits Detailed Study'



Plain Jane said...

Wendee, ooh, love the little painting of huckleberries. Does that mean you got your watercolors out and put them on the kitchen table, like you used to do before MAY.
Geez, what an ordeal with the kitchen? Enough sympathy, now I want some huckleberries! Who knew they Idaho's state fruit.
No state fruit for Hawaii? Hmm.

Wendee said...

Yes, that's what it means. I need to pull out all of the paints and make a real mess, huh? >:)

Yeah, no Hawaii state fruit. What's up with that? Maybe too many to choose from?