Thursday, March 15, 2007


Just because I spill my first cup of coffee on the countertop and floor (just after stirring in my sugar but before taking my first sip), I'm not gonna take it as an omen of bad or klutzy (well, we'll see. Look who we're talkin' about, here) things to come for the day. At worst, I'll need another cup (and a half. Or two... sigh) of coffee somewhere along the way. Like maybe right now.

Nope, no bad omens. Heck, for the first time in weeks, I feel like I might be shaking off this cold (knock on wood for me, guys).

Tonight, I'm going to have my class draw these. They need to work on setting up objects based on rough geometric shapes - long boxes, cubes, spheres. I'm tired of schlepping in plastic bottles to draw (cylinders) and I'll bet they're tired of 'em too. These will be a different challenge. Yes, I have a collection of nice, ergonomic cooking utensils. They'll start to really believe that I do love to cook. But you already knew that!

I'm going to have them pay more attention to line weights (thick/thin, dark and light), shading, and start to indicate material thicknesses. Tonight will be another drawing process class ... I wasn't sure I'd have time to sketch later today (probably my lunch. And I'm getting tired of drawing those, too), so I figured I'd better just do a demo to make it really clear what I have in mind. When they say, "Okay ... um ... [very intently drawing cars, instead] ... what are we supposed to do with these?", I can go, "I want you to do THIS!".

Last Thursday, I had a buddy come in to do a marker demo. We had a lot of fun and the class made great progress. I'm hoping they were able to play with the markers over their long weekend, and that we can build on that tonight....

Added, later:
Or maybe not. Boy, it's like there's nothing to tempt fate so defiantly like optimism in the face of a ... bad omen ... What the heck was I thinking, when I clicked, "Publish"? Fine. Just fine.