Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And finally, Cylinders

See? Empty wrappers. Drawing food as it's lying there is almost impossible. Better to eat first.
Passing time.
Ellipses and cylinders
We did cylinders in class last night, finally. One cannot live on cubes and spheres alone.

It's always nice to be able to sit and draw with my class, working with them individually. But, mostly, it's nice to be able to just draw with them.
We plug into a different student's iPod for music when we draw, more or less rotating through the group. Better than having everyone wearing earphones, off in our own secluded worlds. The chatter is nice, and I get to listen to different music.
Last week, we sampled Korean rap.
I have to say: Life is pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

This looks like fun.

karen blados said...

These are cool! I like seeing your marks to figure out how things line up. And for whatever strange reason, I'm really digging the tape of all things.

Wendee said...

@Robin - You remember doing stuff like this, don't you? It *is* fun.

@Karen - I was amazed how I had to scrounge to find cylindrical things to bring in to draw. They were all so small. If only I had an empty box/tube? of Quaker oats, huh? And, me too; Of all things I had there, I was digging drawing the tape, too. Isn't there something just SO nice about drafting tape? Painter's blue tape is nice, but nothing like drafting tape. I'm such a geek ..

Plain Jane said...

hmm, do all students have ipods now? great solution, sharing the music out loud, rather that everyone wearting earphones. Can you tell them not to wear them, if you want to?

Wendee said...

@Jane - Yup. Most seem to have some kind of mp3 player. They're usually pretty good about staying unplugged if I ask, and it forces us to find music that everyone can tolerate; we hear different styles of music.