Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Easier to eat quickly than to draw quickly
This isn't a holiday cookie, just finishing baking up a log of some pre-mixed cookie dough. I'm not sure baking several batches of different holiday cookies is such a good idea. The cookies barely survive past the cool-on-a-wire-rack stage ... The bears 'round here seem to get to them far too quickly.

At this rate, I wouldn't have any cookies that survive long enough to share. And the bears around would be in serious danger of getting ... too ... tubby.



Toni said...

This post reminds me I will have to start thinking of something for the cookie exchange.

Can i add your image of the exchange and put it in my side bar?

Karen said...

That cookie looks very tempting! Yum

Karen Winters

Anonymous said...

Mine don't get past the mixing bowl.
I love the spirit of baking, the smells, the measuring, ...just not the clean up. Oh, and what is it with forgetting the very last batch in the oven? Never fails...
Searching for some healthy recipes.

Anonymous said...

Me Love Cookies!

- Anonymous at Work ..

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

The cookie is just great. The colours are really nicely done.