Thursday, August 26, 2010

My art is in it!

Here's some exciting news:
My art is published!
I answered Patti Digh's call for art for her new book, “Four Word Self Help - Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives”, and my art is in it!

The publisher describes it as “Pithy, provocative, poignant advice on a variety of self-help topics—in four well-chosen words”.

Four words. Yes, even I can finish off these chapters.

And the art! What a treasure! This is no skinny collection where the cover boards are thicker than the actual body text of the book. There's plenty of these little four-word morsels to savor, with longer essays added throughout the mix.

You must get yourself a copy. Must.

My copy arrived and I tore the packaging open and flipped through the pages and went “Woo hoo!”.

J peered over at me, moseyed over to my side of the couch and flipped my hand so he could see the cover. He exclaimed, “Oh, that Patti D… DigHh person! D-, um, Dig-HH?”
Me: “No, 'Die'. Patti 'Die'.”
Him: “Oh, right. Okay.”
Me: (Losing patience and pointing very animatedly)
“Look! At! My! Painting!!”
Him: (eyes getting big) “Ooooooo.”

It's not so hard to imagine that scene, right? All the same, I insist that you reenact it yourself.

Once you have your very own copy of this lovely book in your hands, turn to page xi and let out a good “Woo hoo!” for me.
Woo Hoo!


Hashi said...

Super fabulous! I put it in my cart, but I'm just about to go on vacation, so I'll buy it on my return. Woohoo!!!

Joanna Paterson said...

Oh that is wonderful!!!! Congratulations x hope to get my copy soon :-)

Wendee said...

Yay! Thanks Hashi and Joanna!

A said...

Terrific and great for you to be in there. Now you are a published artist too. Congrats.