Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost done

My absence may be explained in part by these things in my life that are almost done:

- My taxes (yeah, April 14. I know what day it is)
- Spring term at school (Final projects need to be sanded and painted! Acrylic sheets need to be laser-cut! Final presentations! Grad Show Set up! Interviews! Graduation! Students sleeping in the hallways! zOMG!). We are finishing up Week 13 of 14. There's lots of stuff to cram into these last 7 days.
- My laptop (dire)
- My usb internet modem (even more dire)

I've been camped out at the bigBear's computer, with its luxurious DSL connection, trying to finish up my taxes and my school responsibilities for the term.

And maybe checking my Google Reader feed and Facebook.