Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Everyday in May

Everyday in May #2 - Power plug
May 2: Draw a power plug

Isn't social media great? You can keep up with what everyone's doing (you're going, "Duh, Wendee"). On Flickr, even though it's all about the images (ie - I have to wait for the blog posts to get the nitty gritty details in words), I can keep tabs on where people are camping, painting, eating gelato, stitching up, or drawing. When there's a group project, I find that I slowly start to notice a trend, drawings or photos of similar things here and there.

"Oh, isn't that fun?!", I think as I wave off the temptation to join in.

And then sometimes, things just snowball to the point where I just cannot stand by, uninvolved. Karen Blados and Liz Steel's work pretty much pushed me over my tipping point. I haven't drawn much at all this year. Even though I'm already needing to catch up with a couple online courses as it is (ahem), the everyday drawing always does me good.

Everyday in May #3 - Exercise equipment
May 3: Draw some exercise equipment

See everyone's sketches at the EDiM2011 Flickr group, here.

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