Friday, June 03, 2011

Every Day in May, update

So, how far did I get on the list of things to draw, one a day, every day in May?

I was trucking along. I was ambitious and drew the facets of our salt shaker:

I drew something tart (akaume):
EDiM_06_Something Sour
(I'll admit: The temptation to draw people was hard to resist. Something 'tart', eh?)

Drew a bowl:

and then started to get a little, ehm, bored with the subjects. I took liberties interpreting a shopping cart or basket (here's one of my grocery bags):

and something green:

EDiM_116_Something Green

(I would have preferred fresh herbs, but didn't have any on hand. This is what I had on hand that was green).

And then I got to 'Draw something ugly you love and keep for sentimental reasons' and looked at my collection of pajama pants and decided what I really needed to sew up some new pajama pants instead of draw them.

So, I did.
(this pic especially for Hashi. This is the last of the three that I've made; they're all in bright Hawaiian prints.)

And then my computer started to run really slowly and my internet connection got even worse. And because I'm cheap and tired of dealing with stupid Sprint (I could stab my eyes out), I've let this situation fester to where it's become sort of irritating to scan images and upload them (and it's impossible, too, to do that when you're blind because you've, you know, stabbed your eyes out).

And then I got back to the list, took liberties with one more drawing and got totally distracted and totally derailed from the whole 'Every Day' part EDiM. I got half of the days done, which is actually better than my normal stick-to-it rate. I'm still distracted (see next post) but sort of ready to get back to the list and try to finish off the list. Keep tabs on my EDiM Flickr set is here.


Hashi said...

I covet your PJ pants. And I'm so proud of you for making them :-)