Saturday, November 19, 2005

“Everybody’s got their thing..”

Haven’t made much time to just sit and draw in a while (or have I been ... drawing but just more strictly editing what gets posted and what doesn’t? I’ll never tell.). Here’s a couple from today.

I’ve been playing with different materials, techniques – more with the watercolor pencils,

water-soluble brush-tipped markers,

and different pens.
(click this one)

A number of Moleskine blogs raved about the Pilot G2 retractable gel pens. I think, “Retractable? Cool!” and bought a package. I don’t know what the deal is, but after working with them, I’m not quite sold on the whole “Exceedingly Smooth Writing, Water-Resistant, Smear-Proof Ink” bit. Water-resistant? I don’t know how anyone else can really use the pens for watercolors. Or maybe it’s that super, heavy-duty water we have here in California... my G2 pens smear, are not so smooth-writing, and aren’t water-resistant. They run so uniformly that they make wonderful washes for shadows. [Sigh] Anyone want the rest of my four-pack? I’d originally started with and will probably stick with the uni-ball vision elite pens. "Airplane-safe (I’ll test this soon), Smoother ink flow (yes), fade proof (we’ll see) and waterproof". Waterproof? Yep. And it comes in at least two pen nib widths. Remind me again why I wandered away from the uni-balls? The lure of retractable pens? Forget that!

You’re thinking that I obsess too much about materials? Right. Danny Gregory’s “Everday Matters” is great. But, when I read the post about Roz ...
(click here for the post)
...(okay, I’ve only skimmed it so far, but mean to actually read it), I decided that I wasn’t alone. Everybody’s got their thing.

If you go to Roz's website and also like dogs, you'll really like the DailyDots drawings. Very sweet.