Sunday, November 06, 2005

Purple pieces of ... flair

Wow, it’s been a bit. Thought I’d let you have some time to digest all those pumpkin-carving and tableau-creating photos (Um, yeah. If that was a bit more gory than you were expecting, sorry ...)
I’ve been trying to put away all the pumpkin crafting supplies and am starting to think about Christmas ... crafts, decorations, and baking holiday cookies.

Mmmmmm, cookies...

Anyway, here are photos I found of incredible fridge displays on a fridge door group (what else?) on Flickr.

Have you checked Flickr out? The fridgerator door photos are pretty amusing. I'm keeping track of the "What's in Your Bag?" pool of photos, and then go browsing a bit from there.. sketches, artwork, Moleskine stuff. Interesting creation of communities and tribes.

My fridge door is less organized than these and has far fewer pieces of .. flair. I did add this piece onto my actual fridge door over the weekend, though:

Here’s to spreading the Purple through Southern California. Cheers!

Go U NU!

And these are purple, too! :)