Friday, December 30, 2005

Truth? Or Fiction?

I was inspired by Danny Gregory’s little drawing exercise: He drew an apple as he ate it. You know, you draw, take a bite, draw what it looked like after that bite, take another bite (chew), draw again, until you end up with just a core of an apple. This series of drawings is on the back of his book. Pretty cool.

So, my problem with this is, what?, that I tend to eat fairly often in the car? (I can eat and drive, but not eat, drive and draw)? Or that I’m too embarrassed to record what a messy eater I am? Or embarrassed to record the weird food that I’m living off of?, or the very real hazard for me of using containers that looks like drinking mugs ... to hold water to clean my brushes?

Do you remember the whole gouache discussion? The hazard with eating and painting at the same time is compounded by the fact that ... gouache is more opaque (than, say, watercolors).. So, as you swish off your brush to clean it between colors, all the pigments that comes off your brush mix together and make this really neutral .. brown. Sort of, no, not just sort of, but very much like the neutral brown color of coffee, just the way I’d be drinking it, with lots of cream and sugar. I realized very quickly that if I wasn’t careful, I’d end up cleaning my brushes in hot coffee, or drinking cold, watery gouache paint residue.

Either way, not so good.

So anyway, back to the drawing exercise. I threw caution to the wind and did this little series a while back. I figured this way I was safe; wouldn’t mistake my paint water for, you know, a bottle of beer.
click it!

Things seemed to start out well, but ... I dunno... I don’t remember much past the third or fourth drawing. And then things got really fuzzy... and, gee, my head kinda started to hurt... and I don't actually remember how I finished the drawing..

(“Hey, do you guys think this is for real? Or is she kidding?”)