Friday, January 06, 2006



I was going to post a meandering list of resolutions ("My new year’s resolution? 300 dpi."). Then, I read a few resolutions that several of my favorite bloggers posted, very deep and meaningful goals for the new year, and I stopped dead in my tracks, feeling very trite. [Sigh]

I spent a few days not worrying about it, finished more Christmas cookies and I’m now back on track. Whew.

First, this idea of resolutions... I don’t think we should wait until January first to decide what we want to do to be better people, make the world a better place. It should all be an ongoing thing, that you reassess as often as you need to, really. I’m going to consider these rededications and renewals, not so much resolutions. Some of these I might have posted somewhere else before; if they sound familiar to you, then good for you for finding your way here. They do still ring true.

If I write them down and post them for the whole world to see, am I more accountable? I don’t know ...

Stay better hydrated. Run more. Tell the people that you care about that you love them. Be brave. Be strong. Be gentle and tender. Show compassion. Have no regrets. Go to the beach. Cheer for the underdog (that goes without saying). Draw more. Share a smile with someone new that isn’t expecting it. Try new foods. Show forgiveness. Try using semi-colons; They need love too. Recycle. Dust. Eat ice cream and feel no remorse. Call an old friend. Call a new friend. Read more. Be a design advocate. Motivate the terrapins and other lurking readers to post comments. Sleep in. Wake up early. Be patient. Start preparations for Christmas earlier. Know what you want and go get it. Throw out the socks that you can't put into matching pairs. Believe. Recognize and really appreciate the ease and comfort of the back-and-forth. Commit in ink. Show up with champagne. Finish. Eat and type more mindfully. Go fast; Really, really fast. Hold on. Let go. Think more and seriously about the Mustang (Convertible. ’67. Preferably white or ivory). Find a real coffee table. Run some more. Draw some more. Dream big; really really big. Say "No". Find a way to get rid of the stupid ants. Support the visual and performing arts. Make lists and do everything on them. Make more lists. Trust your gut. Go ahead and put it all out there. Push the "send" button.



Anonymous said...

Nice job on the resolutions. I did not see drink more beer though.. hmmm Oh I'm sorry, the rededications, not resolutions!
Happy New year Wendee!


Wendee said...

The start of April and I see that ... I'm falling behind on the 'recycling', 'dusting', and 'find a coffee table' parts...