Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pray for sunshine

Got a hankering for a jar of mango chutney? How about fresh, hot malasadas? Or how about getting a haku lei? You know who you are out there, and you *know* what I'm talking about. Know why you're thinking about all those things?? Could it be?

Yes, it's ...

... Carnival Weekend! Woo! Wanna go??

'Woah, check that out'.
Yup. The above image of the carnival grounds, a few days before the mayhem, February 1982.

The Big Cheeses themselves, February 1982.
'Hey, look, Doc McPhee..'

Any event from that era would not be complete without a pair of these:

Crazy - check out those 110mm cameras.
If you're lucky, I'll post the matched set from Kramer's (Cramer's?) Day in a bit, too.

I'm going to regret posting this one.
Hey, don't give me any guff. I'll bet YOU were younger and skinnier 20+ years ago, too. :)
For the record, of course, this is from Senior Show, not our Carnival. Remember the burgundy T-shirts? Burgundy... Right... I know I have one around here somewhere...
Was any other class rebellious uh, unconventional enough to go with a non-blue/yellow theme? For both Carnival and Variety Show? Who woulda' been crazy enough to spearhead that?! Oh, ... wait... >;)

Yep, a ... 'walk down memory lane' ... for sure.
I'll be sending my thoughts for a sunny weekend out there, gang.
Somebody have a malasada for me.


Wendee said...

Welcome, to all the new visitors, who may or not be of the Piquant variety. :)

Nina Berry said...

These photos are awesome. What a great walk down memory lane! Wish I could fly out and get a malasada -- right now!

Alden said...

Wow does that bring back memories. I've still got both the burgundy carnival aloha shirt and the senior variety show T-shirt stuck in a box I'm ever going to be able to get into them again! :-(

susan patterson said...

Aren't the color photos amazing?! Color film had just come out then, right? ;-)

Wendy (Walker) Viellenave said... olive skinned folks look good in burgundy! My hair is still that covers the gray really well. :-) What great photos. Can that really have been so long ago?