Saturday, March 04, 2006

A great race

[Walk walk] Boy it’s cold. It’s really cold.
Guess I coulda’ brought my mp3 player. It seemed pretty unsociable, though.
[Stand stand stand]
Okay, here we go.
What? False start?

[Stand stand]
Okay, here we go. Run over the timing chip mat, set my watch, we’re off!
[Run run] I guess this is the uphill part. Okay, that’s not so bad.
[Run run run] I’m tired. [Walk walk walk] Nah, not that tired. [Run run run]
[Run run run] Okaaaay, it’s been a while. Have we gone one mile yet? Oh, what’s that? One-mile marker? Oh good. Can I call it or what? Whew, there’s hope here.
[Run run run] Okay, this looks familiar; I can start to settle into my pace. Breeeeathe. Breeeeeathe. If we’re at Conifer, then it’s literally all downhill from here.
[Run run run] Water station! Faster! Pour faster!
[Run run run] Oh, cramps. Aiee. [Walk walk] No, not that sore. [Run run run]

Gee, it’s too bad they’re only having one water station. Oh, hey, look! The Starbucks crew put together their own water station! Woo hoo! Yeah for Starbucks! [drink drink]

[Run run run] My toes are getting numb, must be around two miles. .. Oh, wow. Did I call that or what? Amazing. Okay, two miles. I can do one more mile, no problem.
[Run run run] Hey, look at the time.I might be able to match the last race. How about that?
[Run run run] Dude, a hill up to the finish around the track? Ugh. [Walk walk] Nah, no walking. [Run run slow]
Okay! Onto the track – softer running surface! Woo hoo! How far around do we have to go? Okay! Hey, photographer! Yeah, here’s a smile and a wave for ya’.
[Run] Oh man, look at the time. I could actually match, maybe beat, my time from the last race.
[Run] Okay, last 20 – 30 yards. I can sprint for this.
[Sprint sprint sprint] Woooo!

[Stop] Take my timing chip, quick, before I lose my balance. Wuf.
[Walk walk] Water. Must have water. [Drink drink]
[Walk] Just think, if I had actually trained for this. Gee.
[Walk walk] Look at the food. Mmmm.
[Walk] Oh, hey, it’s free? Really? Excellent.
[Munch munch] Yeah, Dole’s the major sponsor, duh. Fresh oranges, bananas, fruit cups, bagels? For free? I’ll be back next year. [Munch munch munch]
[Walk walk] Hey, those guys have Coldstone ice cream.
[Brisk walk] Oooo, and it’s free, too? Hey, I just ran 3 miles, I can afford to have some ice cream.
“Chocolate, please”
[Walk walk] Mmmmm…

Last race chip time: 36:41.
I have a new 'personal best' time to beat.


Nina Berry said...

Run, Wendee, run! Congrats!