Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hook, line and ..

There is a strange convergence of sorts going on in my blogosphere. A bit of something-something in the air.

Here in Florida and
Here with the Other Wendee and
Here (listen to the the song - really pretty) and
Even Here on the FridgeDoor

(I dunno. Really unrelated, I guess, and yet somehow, in my brain, it comes together.)

How the world tries to get the best of us.. In the unrelenting din, we’re tempted to lose our way, lose faith in ourselves and in the people and things that mean the most to us. We forget to listen and let their sweet words into our hearts; forget to acknowledge the blessings that we have; forget to give thanks for the clean slate we get, each day…

The traffic, the bills, the weather, the work.
The people, the people, the people.
The stupid kitchen.
The maddening commute.

I was tired and hungry and cranky. Don’t you hate when the argument rages on; both sides in your head:
Stay? Go?
Be selfish? Have faith?
What the heck was I thinking?

I figured I’d sit at Starbucks, get a cuppa decaf and enjoy whatever music they had on - - go brood in someone else’s music and atmosphere for a while. I noticed that they had a Mitch Albom book on display, the tagline just staring at me:

What if you had one more day with someone you’d lost?

I thought, “Oh, well. Gee.”

Being a sentimental sort (you figured I was otherwise?), I picked it up and started reading the dust jacket.

Then I sat down, started reading.

And read.

And read s’more.

I felt sheepishly guilty about getting to read a significant portion of it there in the shop for free and finally had to get up and pay for it, because I could see I’d end up leaving with it. After writing most of this post, I go to the book website and find that they noted: The book was chosen from hundreds of candidates to be the first ever featured by Starbucks in its stores nationwide. Well, okay, yeah. Somebody did their homework, and did it well; Nice work.

The book: For One More Day by Mitch Albom (you know, author of Tuesdays with Morrie).

It’s a short book, a very quick read.
It distracted me, quieted the noise.

And I remembered some things that I really hadn’t been doing much of lately:

Be grateful.

So you and you and all of you:
Extra hugs. Keep the faith out there.

Obligatory Halloween post-script:


Robin Neudorfer said...

I will agree, it is the perfect read. Then again, I am a huge fan of his.

Wendee said...

I am too. Need to have a box of kleenix handy, though ... Sometimes you cry because you hurt or are sad. Sometimes, though, you cry because you just feel whatever it is ... so deeply and fully.