Wednesday, October 11, 2006


More in the "Endless hours of amusement.." category:
Do you Flickr? Have you checked out the Moo cards?
Seems like a simple idea, 'eh?
"So what's the big deal?", you're thinking, right?
Okay, go and mock up a few of your own, and tell me, really. Yeah, I see you. You're starting to think, "Oh, waitaminute... this is pretty cool...".
Go see.

I've seen a lot of printing websites promoting the idea of social calling cards (a nicety from way back when)... and there are lots of personalized stickers (and even legit personalized USPS stamps that you can print with your own images) .. but I'm thinkin'... that Moo has got a real winner here.

I mean, gee, they're just so cool.

Yeah, I know that you know what I'm thinkin':
Oh man.. I gotta get me some of those. Little FridgeDoor trading cards with The Orange PuppyLove oven mitt, Purple Magnet Bunny and Scary Jack'o'Lantern on 'em? At the very least! OMG! Trading cards, people! Just imagine the possibilities ...
Hee hee hee..