Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Dining room still life, graphite pencil

Wow. One more exercise from the book. I'm going to admit, this was more painful to sit down and do than I would've expected. Just contours? No shading? No shadows? Eeeeeegh!

So I decided to draw more of what's plentiful and on hand and relish doing the shadows and shade. And spots.

arty note: graphite pencil, opaque pan watercolors

We should call this one '#4011', or ...

.... 'Whatever messy art that J doesn't know is going on on his dining table, he just doesn't have to know' ('f ya know what I mean).


Toni said...

Hey Wendee at least you are doing the exercises. Keep it up.

Plain Jane said...

Oh, I hope you posted this on

Wendee said...

Jane: Ha! Thanks for the reminder.
Toni: Just a little bit everyday. Just like ice cream... huh? Whoops. Meant to just think it, not say it.