Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh, it's a, uh ...

blind contour, too impatient for just one in 10 minutes.

More exercises. I'm still working through the set of exercises for the first lesson.
What is it? You guess.

When was the last time you did a
blind contour drawing? Take 5 or 10 this weekend, put on some music and have a go at it. Then, drive me crazy by posting your drawing and not telling us what it is, either. Ha! >:)

Everyone's kinda shutting down early today, escaping for the long holiday weekend. Think we'll be puttering around here, staying out of the heat and staying out of the get-away holiday traffic. I have almost a full pan of leftover smoked chicken from last night's design event (from
Zeke's. Never been before, and I got there too late to try the tri-tip, ribs or links, potato salad. But the chicken and garlic bread I snarfed down at midnight were preeeetty tasty). Think we're going to take it easy, have leftover chicken, beer, buttered popcorn and chocolate ice cream, hang out and enjoy the extra day off as much as we can.

Gee. Do I eat like this because I run? Or do I run because I eat like this? [sigh] I'm just not gonna say.

Anyway, whatever your last-weekend-of-the-summer indulgence is, have some, and have a great, safe long weekend.


Karen said...

Looks like pine cones to me. I've never done a blind contour drawing in my life ... wonder if that would take some of the "pressure" off.

I'm enjoying watching your exercises.

Wendee said...

Well! You're kidding! I think Karen should try blind contour, don't you?

Toni said...

yep looks like pine cones to me also.

I have done only a couple od blind contours. Perhaps I should join Karen.

Plain Jane said...

Looks like sheep to me. And I just taught a 'yoga and art' workshops this weekend, and had everyone do a blind contour. They're really fun. I like to color them in with color pencil when I'm done.

Wendee said...

The power of suggestion, Jane. [Sigh] See the next post.