Thursday, September 13, 2007

Secret hopes

What do you secretly hope for?

- a portable/table easel
- sushi
- a new wallet
- great, funky/designer-y black leather shoes
- a completely guilt-free afternoon at Burke Williams spa
- getting my car cd player fixed
- ginger blossoms
- some time with Jack
- something really purple to wear. Stylish, but purple.

And then, sometimes, well, gosh, just lookit!

A paintbox (Karen claps, “Yay! Finally!”)
and some really, *really* cute shoes.

There are deeper wishes, indeed, (balance, affordable healthcare, quiet, strength, financial security...)
but for today, I’m going to keep it light here, and just share some of the fun stuff that’s come my way.

Here's a really nice read about even better secret hopes that come true.

xox, -w


A said...

Seems like an appropriate post for the day. I was a touch confused at first since Blogger seems to use Eastern time for the posts as the time stamp hasn't even occured out West where you are yet. Have a good day.

A said...

Sorry, so an interesting follow up. I note that my comment posts with Pacific time. What's up with that?

Wendee said...

You're thinking too hard and making this difficult for those of us on the west coast, just trying to keep it light.

The blogger stamp should be standard my time. But I can pre-(post-?) date the posting date and time ("Now why'd you want to do that?"), so that it this post would be dated Sept 13th, just after midnight (random selection on my part. I figured if I chose something even later in the day, it'd really confuse some people), which must have been about the local time there, when you read it. OMG; It's like writing from the future! Does this remove some the the timestamping mystery?

Plain Jane said...

hmm, sign me up for affordable healthcare and abundance and THEN a day at the spa...
love the shoes! though RED would be better! :-)