Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toothpaste pingpong

I'm a Crest kid!

Diving into a new sketchbook without worrying about committing to that perfect first mark on that pristine first page.

I like the format that Karen Blados uses for her daily sketches. And Jane's sketch journals are really nice snippets of her days. Illustrated lives, indeed.

Maybe this way I can get away with spending less time typing, documenting the little daily stories. The blank white block for entering text with the blinking cursor is like that brand new white sheet of drawing paper. I try to find those perfect words for that perfect, pristing new (digital) page... As much as I enjoy the crafting of words, I also need to streamline my days a little bit, when I can.

And besides, some of these daily drawings seem so naked all by themselves on the pages of my sketch book, hanging out there all by their lonesome.

Thursday already? Wuf! Heading into the stretch towards the weekend.. have a good one out there. -w


Toni said...

I always liked seeing sketchbooks with writing. I don't do it myself and now wonder why. It is a good way to document our every day living.
Interesting links you gave.

Wendee said...

Toni - glad to pass these other artists along. Their work is so inspiring to me, all these little snippets from everyday life. I figure I need to add writing/ documentation, because even though I tell myself I'll remember, we all know that we lose track of some of the little, but very important, things.

karen blados said...

thanks wendee! and i thought just your post had me blushing, then I read your comment. my first sketchbook a year ago had very little writing and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure why I started adding my little commentaries. I'm glad I did though ... lots of ammunition to torture my kids with in the future.

Wendee said...

Karen - Torture for your little ones. Excellent. Heh heh heh.

Plain Jane said...

Hey Wendee, how wonderful to see you sketching and painting (with watercolors from tubes) so much. And thanks for the mention!