Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I need a pedicure

Feet by Wendee. Pedicure by Monica and Limmy
pcc_feet Click to see this photo's flickr page

Yes. I have some serious blog-catching up do to. I've had lots of adventures, photos, thoughts of bloggy words, but no great motivation to type them. Meh. I've been pretty good about keeping up with posting photos on Flickr, though, and you can see the photos here.

Tonight, my students are on my mind. They have so much enthusiasm, idealism, hope, energy and goodness. They have so many daunting real-life, gutsy challenges ahead of them. Can I offer advice? The best I can do is gently remind them that they have to make their own decisions and be at peace and secure with the choices they make. It's the best any of us can do, really. I have been sitting at my computer, thinking of them and just wishing them strength and faith.

... I have them working on "help people do something basic, better" / mobility / medical device projects. It is going slow because there is really meaningful information they are gathering, interviews and interactions that they are initiating. I hope to help them create designs as meaningful as the intent they have brought to this particular project. I'm truly humbled by the very sincere topics they've chosen.

So, we find ourselves drawing lots of hands, figures and feet. I had to share (we do a lot of sharing) my uneven toes on my left foot with them; I've wondered to what extent this affects my balance on my left foot versus my right. Does this affect the mechanics of my running? Just look at the toes on my left foot! The next class period, the butcher paper with my feet was still on the table, and at the end of a very busy class, two of my students told me they had given me a pedicure. "Go see!" It is more playful (and more orange) than I would ever go for, myself, but I like this idea. I'm not keen on the happy/unhappy face tattoos, though. My feet are, after all, happy feet.

When I can see that there is a playful creativity that we share, when we can share silly anecdotes about our lives, when we can all sit and enjoy the communal act of brainstorming and drawing together, with so much enthusiasm at the end of what I know are really busy, busy days, I know that I am very, very fortunate to do what I do.


Toni said...

Wendee life gets busy for all of us. Love the orange pedicure ;)

I'm finding it easier to subscribe via email so adding your blog ot my email list.

Wendee said...

Thanks Toni. Life has been on the busy side, I think, for everyone. Trying hard to bend and stretch, but not break.

Yeah, I'm liking the orange pedicure, too..
Thanks for adding me via email; whatever works, Toni, as long as i know I can keep in touch with you and share. Hugs to you! xox


I need a pedi too. ;0) i'm going to get one with my daughter tomorrow as a matter of fact! i love that quote about enjoying the ice cream while it's on my plate. reminds me of my honey... though i wish the ice cream were not halfway across the planet! but boy do i enjoy it when it's nearby!! :)