Monday, October 31, 2005

The happy pumpkin is feeling awfully lucky ...

This was for my group's entry into the pumpkin-carving competition at work.

This is the other pumpkin I did this weekend. Is it appropriate that it was in the fridge for a while? Imagine how disquieting it was to see this ...

... everytime I opened the fridge door. "Eeee-ah!"

Well, things couldn't be as simple as just that.

(You should be thinking, "Uh oh"...)

Evil minds and skilled hands at work.

It can only get worse from here..

Here's one of the little buggers, in action.

Like the little knives?

Well, to see how it all came together ...

... you'll have to ...

Keep scrolling..

Oh yeah, it's worth the wait.

And, yes!, your fears were well-founded..


Be sure to click this one

And, yes, we won.

Victory is sweet.


Wendee Holtcamp said...

Oh Wendee you are a riot!!!! I showed my kids and they loved it too. You are such a talented artist. I am so impressed with your talent and work. You make me laugh and that is always a good thing! :) The other Wendee...

Wendee Holtcamp said...

Someone is going to think we are posting to our own blogs and pretending to be someone else - ha ha!

Wendee said...

If anyone is confused, rest assured that I'm not talking to myself (at least not here in this case). I've met Wendee Holtcamp; you should check out her blog, too.
There are other famous Wendee/y's out there that I've become aware of. I'm working on a post about these other alternate lives that I may be living. Stay tuned.

wendee in l.a. :)

Plain Jane said...

Ha! Sick, sick mind! I love the sketch too!