Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It’s about time!

I hear you all saying, "It's about time!"
You will note from the last parking sticker that my last term at school was Summer '02, when I graduated. Hey, I was just looking for a good round sticker to take the place of the old ones, so I could readily identify my tan Camry...




Robin Neudorfer said...

Never had to deal with the semester dots. I had the "after" the whole time. I wonder where that car is now. I use the Alumni sticker, but it looks like anyone can buy one.

Karen Winters said...

Wendee, I have "tagged" you, Robin and Kate Johnson to answer some questions about what you keep in 5 different areas of your home/car. Take a look at my blog for today and see the entry for "what's in refrigerator," "what's in my purse, etc."