Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Word Cloud

Where do I find these things? These endless-hours-of-distraction things?

Does it matter?

This is something that I found at another blog. SnapShirt generates a Word Cloud from the words on a (your) website or blog. Lookit what they got, randomly from mine. You can force word replacements, and looking at mine, I would say that I'd like to force the word 'cream' to be represented as 'ice cream' in my little Word Cloud. And I kind of like 'Southern CA' instead of 'Southern'. Oh, hey, and 'heffalump' showed up.


Oh, I see. Looks like they're getting most of this content from the template, since those words are used on every post. Ah ha...

You can get, I'm guessing, t-shirts and stuff made from your own Word Cloud. Anyone want one from the Digital Fridge Door? Maybe I can make money for my summer vacation that way [smirk].

I don't know if they'll start sending you spam if you have the image emailed to you (I can let you know), but you can get your own here.