Thursday, July 06, 2006

Highlights – GNP 1

Did I mention? 3800 miles in the Mustang?

Our cabin at Glacier National Park looked out onto a stream (a river by SoCal standards). We’d wake to the sound of waves lapping, a loose tree, half submerged, bobbing and clunking lazily in the water. The cabin was built around a few trees, and some of the eaves were cut to accommodate the pine trees. At night, when the wind blew, the trees would sway, moving the roof and cabin with it; the whole place would creak late at night.

We had a tv, but... why bother?

We got to spend a good deal of time eating out on the picnic table outside the cabin, grilling up sausages, soup, and hot chocolate.

I spent one afternoon painting, finally getting to break into the travel mini watercolor set that I’d bought a few months back.

Out in back of the cabin there were wild roses, which were pretty. I’d taken photos, hoping to paint them … but you know how real life manages to get in the way... [sigh]

More later. Next: a visit with JWK


Robin Neudorfer said...

pssst... it's not raining. I would love a dose of that view