Monday, July 10, 2006

Pencil sketches

Sometimes it seems like the only time I get to sketch is before or during class. This is from a few weeks ago.

Guess I'd left work really early that day, or was speeding (me? No!) or something, because I had quite a bit more time than normal that day before class. When I have more time I like to work in pencil and play with shading and all that fun stuff.

House update: How hard can it be for these people to accurately schedule service appointments? Could they try to not over-book the carpet installation guys? They goofed last week and never showed up; maybe tomorrow they'll be here and put in new padding. How great would that be? Then I'll be able to put my living room back. It's been almost two months. And, gee, how long does Adelphia take to figure out to schedule me in for cable installation? I mean, really... Guh!


Robin Neudorfer said...

find time to sketch Wendee, you are so good.... oh ya... you will tomorrow.