Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ain't it grand?

Wendee's birthday out at Balboa Island, from a coupl'a weeks ago.

You guys have a safe weekend out there.


Robin Neudorfer said...

Happy Birthday Windee!

Anonymous said...

Hey! picture of Wendee and Jan... together... Very nice Picture Wendee. Looks like you had a very Happy Birthday. Happy belated birthday if I didn't say it before. ... much obliged. Now, how'bout the picture of Wendee taking a picture of ... or maybe more bake goods... mmm cookies, chocolate cake...mmm

-Anonymous at work

Wendee said...

Yeah, "Anonymous". Tell ya' what: When they finally finish the reconstruction of my kitchen (we're approaching 5 months, thank you very much) to where they're not breaking things more things while they install stuff ... and when they stop generating anymore $&#*@ dust that I have to wash off from ALL my plates and cooking and baking stuff and wipe down every $&#*@ horizontal work space in my kitchen and living room, and $&#*@ vacuum to cut down on the nasty construction dust ... (did I mention, five months and counting?)

... THEN, I'll get back to baking. It's STILL not over. Don't hold your breath.


Plain Jane said...

Happy belated Birthday, Wendee! Nice pic of you and hunky Jan!
sorry about the kitchen ;-(