Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lazy Birthday weekend

I had to wait a few days, but did get in a great relaxing weekend to celebrate my birthday. We drove down to Balboa Island and Newport, wandered along the coast, took photos/took photos of the other one of us taking photos, had clam chowder, made more than a couple of snide remarks about the party barge named "Tiki" that was cruising the harbor, enjoyed the sunset, had frozen bananas, checked out the lights along the boardwalk at night, and took more photos. We even took a couple of shots of us, together; I'm looking forward to seeing how Jan's photos turn out.

As you must be, too!

But for now, my photos are here:

And, while you're already pointing-and-clicking, the few photos from the Getty SketchCrawl are here:


Anonymous said...

.... my point would be ... How 'bout some pictures of Wendee and Jan? ..smiling at the camera? And how 'bout including one of Wendee taking a picture of Jan taking a picture?

- T

Wendee said...

Right. I'll get to see Jan's photos tonight, and there might be one of the two of us. Imagine that.

But if you want a photo of me taking a picture of him, then that would require someone else be along for these merry adventures ... don't think many people would put up with that much intent solitude-seeking mushy business. uh, we'll see.

[Yeah, I'd be anonymous too, if it were 9:48 am ... on a work day ... smirk]