Thursday, September 14, 2006

A few hours

I had a few hours to sit and wait while my car got new brakes, two new tires, and a transmission flush... The day was a little overcast, so it was nice to sit outside and sketch a little.

Yes, I finally started in on the new M'skine. It's the sketch variety, not just the plain, unlined. So, the thicker paper holds up to my (current) smoodging technique of painting. In theory I could draw on both sides of each page... [gasp!].. without fear of show-through. We'll see.

and I picked up another sketchbook about two weeks ago. How could I resist? I mean, really. It has medium tone papers, which will be nice to work on with black and white pencils and ink. No, really, how could I resist?

You guys all have a great weekend.
xox, -W