Thursday, April 12, 2007


While on the freeway
Camry's axle disconnects:
Wendee's moving day!

You were perhaps wondering how the move went. This captures but just one small episode. Indeed. To summarize the long story, the move is done except for the part where the SalvationArmy comes and takes away a truckload of furniture and goods, where I cart off one last load of incidentals, turn off the DSL and turn in my keys.

Oh. And, yes, I'm ready to give my old mechanic a &@#*-'in piece of my mind about a ring they apparently overlooked that, oh, secures the axle to the rest of the transmission.

Camry: Good
Wendee: Good
Jan: Good
Wendee's stuff: Good
The new place: Good

My watercolor crayons and plein aire brushes managed to get stashed into storage. I'm on a mission to go fetch them and get back at it all. D'ja miss me?

More adventures, in a bit.


Anonymous said...

Ahem (clears throat) ...

Wendee's Mechanic
Must get a good kick in the
Axle nuts real good!

Anonymous at work ...

Karen said...

Yes, I missed you!
So where are you settled now? Somewhere between here and there? When can we get together to draw again, huh? Move's over - time to celebrate a new chapter!

Wendee said...

Anonymous - Seriously. No kidding, huh?