Monday, April 23, 2007

New adventures

one last sunrise ...

waiting ...

I’m trying to catch up with scanning sketches and getting thoughts down on paper.

I finally got what the Salvation Army wouldn’t take hauled away, cleared out the old place, turned in my last key. That’s it!

I’ll miss the quiet sunrises, listening to soccer games being played, the bunnies, the frog chorus at night, the coyotes yipping away, and long walks through the gentle rolling hills and along the beach in Malibu.

I won’t miss the lingering annoyance over a kitchen repair that took too long and a summer of barbequing that I’d missed. I won’t miss the neighbor’s cats coming into my planter to poop. I won’t miss the neighbor coming in unannounced through my front gate, dragging his ladder, to trim his trees. He so treasures his privacy, you see, so much so that he fenced off what would have been his access from his side yard to the back. Apparently he decided that gave him free access to come through my gate, past my front porch and bedroom windows, whenever he wanted to trim his trees. You know, like at 8 am. Lovely. Won’t be missing that.

I won’t miss having to hear how the day was every night … over the phone.

I’ve discovered that the new place seems to be patrolled by a bear that wanders through to steal chocolate-mint cookies. Don’t know how J managed to not mention this before. Hm!

New adventures…