Thursday, May 03, 2007

Coffee shop

I wandered over to the local coffee shop, which offers free Wifi! Free! [Did I mention that I don’t have direct internet access to my computer at the new place and have to download and upload files from email or for blog posts to a memory stick to go between my computer and J’s computer? My old modem won’t work with his particular brand of DSL. In fact, when I try to use my old modem, it kills the connection. Dead. Gee, great. That’s top on the list of stuff to work on. I’m considering switching to wireless broadband… Then I could cruise wherever I roam… ]

So, anyway, we’d drive by and wonder when the shop would finish remodeling and actually open. It finally reopened a few months ago, and I finally got tired and wandered out for an afternoon break. The coffee shop is cool, hip (music, board games, magazines, décor) and exactly what I was looking for. And I can watch the trains go by – chuggachuggachugga. The coffee’s good, and I figure I’ll work through the different varieties of baked nummies. The chocolate-slathered almond biscotti was good, for starters.

The shop owner said business was good, and she got a lot of people in who worked from home, that would stop in for an afternoon break – get out, see some people, get some caffeine. I tilted my head, and smiled back at her,