Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lookit the Wendees!

Wendee Holtcamp and me, a coupl'a weeks ago. A kindred spirit of the wendee variety!

What, certainly you ought to have expected me to go searching for blogs written by other 'Wendee's ? [rolling my eyes]

In between a lot of zooming around on all sorts of great exotic adventures, TheOtherWendee was in town from Texas, for ... well, you can go read. [TheOther] Wendee (you think it's weird for you to read? Let me tell you... And besides, I don't talk about myself in the third person. That'd be kinda weird. I mean, really. And confusing. Especially here, with TWO Wendees!)
left out our wandering through Old Town Pasadena, where she got some exceedingly cool surfer-girl shoes ... probably right before her month of shopping-celibacy. :)

... and our browsing through the BarnesandNoble ("Research! Yeah, 'research'!" Did I mention TheOtherWendee is a freelance writer?). We both love book stores... and magazine racks .... mmmm.

... and the valet parking attendants that probably thought we were insane; upon retrieving my car, watching TheOtherWendee unload the trunk, to repack her bag to squeeze in the new shoes, AND pulling out her camera to take this photo before we speed off to the airport! "No, lady, you canno' stop 'ere. " I thought, "What? Because the car is blocking the driveway while it's still running?" "No, you have to go." Me: "Huh? What?" The other valet gestures to the driveway out to the street.

All the attendents smirk and go, "Nah, jus' keeding! Let me take the picture!"

But this is an at-arm's-length self-portrait. [TheOther] Wendee's waving them off, "No, we have to take it. It's kind of a ... uh ... tradition". The valet guys look at each other and shrug.

You have to figure we probably looked like we were up to no good to begin with, anyway.
Oh no. Not the Two Wendees... Nope. No mischief. None. At. All.

Fun! >:)


Wendee Holtcamp said...

LOL. Now THAT was a much better post and commentary on your wonderful adventures of the day than I made on my blog. I will have to back-link to this also. Love it! And isn't it funny that the self-portrait did turn out better thn the one the valet parking guys took? I think it's because when you do one, you're laughing or giggling so much that the picture shows a better smile than a posed portrait. :)

Plain Jane said...

great post, WendeeOne. I enjoyed reading WendeeTwo's post on shopping celibacy. Certainly food for thought. There's also a pledge going around to not by any new clothes for ___ (fill in the blank) months, and instead REfashion your old clothes. Well, I did buy cloth grocery bags...then I read I should have made my own. Geez, can't win.

Karen said...

Wendees take over the world - I love it!

Wendee said...

Dangerous indeed.

Lisa Sullivan said...

I'm a good friend of the OTHER Wendee and of course I HAD to read your adventures. A fellow Blogger myself, it's so fun to meet up with the people you "meet" via Blogging. How fun! Loved hearing about your adventures...and I do agree, the self-portraits are so much more enjoyable to take. Those smiles get wider and wider...

Wendee said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

Desiree said...

What a fun day, I you guys sound like kindred spirits for sure!!!