Monday, January 07, 2008

Meandering Here and There

Remember, now:
No matter how warm it is, wherever you spend the holidays, what matters is that your heart is warm and full.

Christmas in Hawaii
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for a few photos from the Hawaii Trip

The short of it: There are no drawings from Hawaii. I would have had to stay still for too long, and the mosquitos were just having a feast on me, as it was. The 'Scritch, Scritch, Scritching' would not have been of my pencils. Feh!

Notable: Shave Ice at Matsumoto's, Waimea Valley, University of Hawaii Warrior football, banyan trees at Kapiolani park, more burgers and fantastic shakes from Teddy's, roosters starting their crowing at 3 am in Kahaluu and that six-hour delay for our 5-1/2 hr flight back home.

And then, back home:
Did I mention that I love The Rose Parade? We went on Jan 2nd to see the floats on display in Pasadena. What a great chance to see them up-close and at a way more leisurely pace. Check out all the creative ways to use the natural materials.

Post-Parade Float Viewing
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for a few photos from the Post-Parade Float Viewing

How can I get a job doing this?


Karen said...

yeah, yeah, yeah. still jealous. of course, i'm in ohio. played in the snow on friday, played basketball and soccer in a balmy 68 degrees today.

Plain Jane said...

oh, oh, I've always wanted to see the floats up close. In fact, I've always wanted to work on one.