Saturday, January 19, 2008

Santa Barbara

There's supposed to be a storm rolling in on Monday, a cold one. They're saying snow levels might dip down to about the 2000ft level. The weather guys are telling us to take along mittens and scarves! OMG! ... We'll believe it when we see it.

So, before any of that hits, we decided to enjoy whatever nice weather we might have for the long holiday weekend and drove up to Santa Barbara. We have the best luck - the views of the Channel Islands were just great. We walked from way past the pier up to Shoreline Park, and down the stairs to the beach. The tide was out, and we wandered along all these funky rock formations that we hadn't seen before, picking up pebbles and stones and sea shells.

Santa Barbara shore
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So, these are all these cool things we picked up today. Nice flat rocks, long skinny ones (one will make a great "worry" stone, it fits so securely in my hand), sea shells, one really nice round one. I mean look at it, isn't it nice and round? I've been picking up one or two rocks from most of our trips to the different beaches, but today, we were both finding quite a few. As we walked back to our car to head to Tupelo Junction for lunch, I was imagining ways to organize my not-so-little rock collection. Or maybe I should go with catch-and-relocate/release. I mean, these are the ones just from today.

all these from our walk just today
tumbled rocks and a sea shell from Santa Barbara

I recalled my move last April and imagined the next move, when J exclaims, "What the heck is in this little box that is so @#%&* heavy? What are we moving, ROCKS?!". And I'll have to go, very sheepishly, (say it with me) ... "Rocks. Hmmmm. Well, actually, yeeeeessss..."