Sunday, April 06, 2008

Icehouse? Icebox?

You wish you could feel the gnarlyness..
20080405_gnarlytree2 Click to see this photo's flickr page

Yesterday we got out and went to Mt Baldy to get above the cloud-cover. So, I had the chance to sit and draw gnarly trees at Icehouse Canyon, not too far up the trail (hello, this is Me we're talking about). I keep thinking "Icebox" because after about an hour, the fog rolled up the mountain and into where I was sitting by the stream, and it got really cold. And who wants to be sitting still in the fog and the wind, trying to draw? Not me. My fingers get all stiff from the cold and then, well, where's the fun in that? Note to self - yes, bring the mittens no matter what the weather looks like. Okay, fine, yes, it's So Cal, and you (no names) can say I'm a wimp, but at least my wimpy drawing fingers won't be cold, and they'll stay nimble (wiggling my fingers) enough so that I can keep drawing.

When the HikingBear came back down to where I was, we headed for some Chinese food - good warm hot&sour soup. Yum.

And maybe this gnarliness, too

 liquid gnarliness?

Arty note: I'd gone through the assorted brands that I have managed to collect over the years ... to find additional colors to supplement the set of 12 Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils that I have. I think I've settled on at least this much - I like how the Inktense pencils feel going onto the paper while I sketch, and BOY, does that pigment just melt in such a lovely way when you add water. Woo! When I run into where I've used a different pencil with my watercolor brush, I can SO tell. I'll be trying to get the pigment to flow, unsuccessfully, going, "Eh! Eh! Eh!". I've been so good, trying to fight the lusty urge to cave in and get a new, expanded sets of 36 pencils (if 36 would be indulgent, 72 would be so unnecessarily decadent) that Derwent has now. But gee, life would just be so much more enjoyable with them. Oh wait, Blicks finally carries more of the new colors in open stock. Mmmmmm >:)


Anonymous said...

Do you have access to mittens where the tops are able to fold back to reveal fingerless mittens underneath? Don't know if that makes sense. ~Roma

Karren Hiskey said...

I love Icebox Canyon. When the weather warms up a bit, I hope you will go further up and further in. Many fond memories with the family up there!

mARTa said...

I want to go!!!!!! Once I took the tram in Palm Springs to the top and then hiked to the top of Mt San Jacinto. I miss hiking! I love your hiking sketches, really beautiful studies of the nature around us. When's the next outing???

Wendee said...

@Roma - Oh yes, I have them. I ought to keep packing them for a few more weeks.

@Karren - We plan to. My guy loves the going-up part of it all; me not so much. Either way, we'll be spending more time out there.

@Marta - We'll be going more and more often. We'll have to coordinate schedules and take a hike up. :)