Sunday, April 13, 2008

Missing my gnarly buddies

20080412_Mt Baldy Visitor Ctr
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As our school terms wind down, the weeks get more and more intense, and the focus of our weekends centers more and more around decompressing from it all.

So, up again to Mt Baldy. The winds were whipping around, and it might have been okay for J to tough out going up the trail, but knowing that I'd be sitting still, trying to draw, I opted to stick around by the Visitors Center. I'd drawn there one other time, and to be honest, I missed being up the trail, where all my gnarly buddies are. Because I had picnic tables to work on, though, I got to play with some pan paint that I carry around, along with the watercolor pencils, and that felt good.

Three hours later J returned and we had lunch at the Lodge across the street. Yum!

20080412_Mt Baldy Visitors Ctr

20080412_Mt Baldy Visitor Ctr