Saturday, October 22, 2005


Spent some time at Starbucks Saturday, enjoying their new Pumpkin Spice Latte, comfy chairs and music.

I picked up a set of watercolor paints later in the afternoon, the kind that comes in little solid square tiles, compared to the stuff in the tube. In theory this should be a little less messy than the paints that come in tubes, maybe for travel. For travel. Righhhhht. Hasn't happened yet; don't hold your breath. Sounded good on paper.

I think since the pigment is dry, I need to add quite a bit of water for the paint to be workable, and so the paints end up being really, really transparent, very light. And I end up applying a lot more water to the pages of my sketchbook than I'd like. I do have another Moleskine sketchbook that has thicker paper, but I like the idea of using the one with the thinner paper. It makes it feel like more of a working book, to just play in. The other book, with the heavier paper, seems to be inviting more finished sketches ... a little more intimidating.

I used the square tile paints for the coffee cup, then went back to colored watercolor pencils for the second sketch. I'm thinking I'll stick with the pencils for my sketchbook, at least until I've played with the paint set for a little bit.