Wednesday, April 05, 2006

While you're waiting ..

.. for the Huntington Sketch Crawl photos and sketches:

Ken will think, "Fine. Just fine".
Robin will think, "Oh, Wendee's been to the beach again".

And I'd have to say:
"Well, yeah. See? All this makes it easy to be inspired to paint",
"Yup. Again. Someday I'll think about bringing my paint along. But today ... isn't that day..."

A nice start to a good, long, really great day.

More photos on my Flickr site.


Magoo said...

Fine...Just fine...


Magoo said...

what i see in pic number 2, is the perfection of the wave.. Notice how it is almost perfectly parallel to the horizon? how is that possible if you think about it.

why are there no imperfections in a wave?...

Enjoy staying up till 4am thinking about that one... haha