Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Drawing glass, Drawing class

I've been rummaging again. I needed to remind myself how to render glass with markers. So I can teach my class how to do it. But first I have to get them to appreciate and draw ellipses so they can draw their projects. And they need to be able to do nice, even grey gradations so they can shade and shape their objects. And then I want them to at least be able to take a stab at shading their projects as if they were solid, opaque objects. And then we can start rendering them as the transparent objects that I think they have in mind. That's all. Maybe we can do all this Thursday night.


That's a real brain-fart - - having them start off with a project for which the solutions lend themselves to being transparent. Oh yes, very much so. And, I forgot: Drawing transparency is hard! Doh!

As long as my class is willing to stick with it and seems to be having fun (knock on wood! Which is a little easier to render!), we'll keep going. I think it's going to build a good deal of character in all of us, though.


So, I managed to find exercises that I did, way back when, to render glass objects (imagine that. Whew!), and we're gonna do them in class. Yup. It's scary the stuff I still have, squirreled away. And imagine this! I actually have a pressing need for this old, old stuff! That's all I need - - some kind of validation that it was good to have held onto my really old art projects and exercises. Scary. Very scary.

Yeah. So, I think I'll be practicing drawing glass for a while.

But ... in the meantime, I did find more very old stuff that was done before even the drawing-glass-with-markers exercises.

Imagine: Life, before I needed to know how to render glass, brushed aluminum, concrete, orange peel, grass, chrome...



Circa 1991

I have to smirk here:
I'm going to have to do another one of these very soon.
Maybe I should just reuse this one.

Circa 1990