Thursday, February 22, 2007

New tires

Instead of finding supplies for a project, drafting lectures, figuring out what we'll do in class tonight, I found myself waiting at the car place, getting an oil change and two new tires. Guess my hunch was right, that something was indeed messed up with my alignment and tires. New tires. Gee, it just never ends. I haven't been able to go in 'just' for an oil change in over a year. But, my Camry is running smoother and should be ready to handle the rain and deliver me safely to where I'm going.

I got to catch up with class reading ("Never Eat Alone") and did a little bit of sketching. All the while listening to daytime TV that was on in the waiting area. Are all these people on these shows: With the wrong man who beats them? Chasing after bad men that use them up and spit 'em out? Suing the guy's wife - oh, he was really still married? - for coming after them with a crowbar? Boy, what I'm missing, not turning on the TV during the day. I get the feeling my life is all the more safe that way.

May you find goodness and gentleness and never have the >tumultuous scandal!< in your life (OMG) that would make juicy daytime TV fodder... Unless that's what you're hoping for.
Stay dry and safe out there.