Thursday, February 08, 2007

Right, just a bit

What? Valentine's Day is next week? You don't say!

A little bit of Bellows Beach

- Coffee ice cream
- Getting my toes scrunched into the sand anywhere, but especially at Bellows
- The waft of sweet ginger on mountain trails
- The twang of country
- BBQ babyback ribs
- Panda Express
- The sweetness and joy of a child’s unrestrained laugh
- The feel of pencil on paper
- Finding a nice, graceful new adjective to use
- Soft, fuzzy things
- Periwinkle, navy blue and yellow
- Burying my feet inbetween the pillows and settling in for a nap on the sofa
- A really great rendition of the national anthem
- Crisp white cotton
- The feeling of a new haircut
- The warmth in a long talk to catch up with a friend

Things that I love.

I understand that a bit of distraction is headed my way this weekend ;)
You guys have a good one.