Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eaton Canyon Gnarly Trees

Yes, this one did look like a figure arching back..
20080215_eatoncyn2 Click to see this photo's flickr page

Last week I met my art buddy Karen to trade some arty stuff and to get out, take photos and paint. We met at Eaton Canyon, lured by the thought of seeing the stream running and some new growth from the rains the week or two before. We decided, quite daringly (cough), to cross the stream and settled in after that treacherous adventure in a shady grove and painted. The trees were all so very lovely in that gnarly-tree sort of way. And, of course, you know how I love drawing gnarly trees.

I hadn't been on the trails at Eaton Canyon before, so was curious about them. And the weather was just too pleasant to pass up a return trip. So, a few days later, my guy and I went back to hike. No strolling around in the park, uh-uh! We took the trail that looked most like it would head UP and HIGHER (For the record, this would not normally be my first choice. I'd be all, "Whew! Hey, look at these gnarly trees! Why don't you go up, and I'll sit here and draw!"). I think it was the Walnut Canyon trail. The painted text on the signs have all worn off. The description on the website ("...This is the "equestrian trail" notorious for its steep, narrow, dusty, shadeless, winding path...") sounds like what we hiked. It was over an hour round-trip; we stopped at a somewhat unexpected grassy picnic area just below where the Toll Road starts and decided that was plenty ambitious for the first hike of the spring. The nice thing about steep hikes is that you gain altitude so much faster and get quicker rewards in the views, as you go higher [Right. That made sense]. And of course, now, all sorts of parts of our legs are feeling so much more toned than before.


Along with the really great trees, there's lots of foliage and shades of green goin' on right now. When the blossoms start, it'll be worth another trip back.

Another gnarly tree:
All sorts of layers of branches, crisscrossing behind each other
20080215_eatoncyn1 Click to see this photo's flickr page

and more photos here.


mARTa said...

I love your Gnarly trees! Hey, I tagged you...go check it out at my blog!

Zephyr said...

Great trees, Wendee! And i confess to being jealous of your adventure...sounds like it was well as a work out!

Toni said...

don't you just love gnarly trees. Love the drawing and wished I could have been with you and Karen.

Wendee said...

@Marta - Thanks for the props. I'm going to have to work on my post...

@Zephyr - thanks! Yeah, what a workout. Hopefully there will be plenty more for all of us to enjoy, and, soon!

@Toni - When you posted about reminiscing about meeting up with Karen last year, I felt so very sorry to have missed you then. We'll have to get together sometime. You will all always be with me in spirit, though. Hugs!