Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stringing you along

20080207_string Click to see this photo's flickr page

The thing about every day things, for me, is that every thing - - EVERY thing - - that is manufactured or assembled, had to be designed. It might not always be elegant, but these things had to be mindfully and deliberately designed, so they could be manufactured (can you hear it?: Ka-Chung! Ka-Chung! Ka-chung! The big, loud machines of industry, churning out stuff..).

You have to remember that I'm a product designer, so all the little details are things that I know someone, possible another designer or engineer or artisan, had to consider and create. Every once in a while I get lost in reverie, spending the time to look at the little details - zipper pulls, knobs, hooks, fasteners - and get lost in looking at someone else's work. My guy says I read more labels (especially food. Hello?! Counting calories?!) and get lost in details more than anyone he knows.

Of course I do. It's what I do.


Desiree said...

Wendee, Marta was just asking me what you did and I told her some kind of designer for products or engineering, I couldn't remember exactly. Old age! I can now tell her, I do remember our conversations about finding a job when you relocated. I too find the process of taking a conceptual idea and actually getting it into production. All the details that have to be worked out is amazing. I love your blog of little everyday items. Things we take for granted all have a purpose and become even more interesting in the hands of an artist.

Wendee said...

Thanks. Some days, I'm not sure, myself, what I do, to be honest... LOL. Thanks for the nice thoughts, too.