Saturday, February 02, 2008

Simple wishes

20080202_blocks Click to see this photo's flickr page

We had a set of these wooden building blocks when we were little. We'd build things - roadways with ramps, race our HotWheels on 'em, knock our buildings over, drew on them with crayons and threw them at each other. They were cut from 2x4 hardwood, so warm and sturdy.

When I was looking for reference geometric forms to use as models in my class (and nice ones are oddly hard to find), I thought of these. I'd like to see 'em in person to make sure I could get the shapes that I want, but I'd really like to get a set. For class and to set up little settings to draw ...



Desiree said...

Wendee, I do this task on a weekly basis with my grandson. We found some cool ones that actually have different colored beads inside so we also work on colors. Toys R Us....helping to make your dreams come true.

Wendee said...

Yep, I'd been avoiding it over the holidays, but I think ... I'm going to have to stop by ToysRUs.