Monday, January 16, 2006

Airport self-portraits

Back from my trip to SF. My outbound flight was delayed a few hours, since the clouds at SFO would've prevented our landing, had we departed when we were supposed to. I had some time to do some reading, get some coffee, settle in and do a sketch.


The weather up north turned out to be pretty nice. I went to Napa on Sunday with Fritz, Renee and Sylvie. The skies were clear, bright, and sunny. What a great day to spend tooling around, tasting wine, eating really good garlic and sweetpotato fries! That trip begs to be done.. completely, at a much slower pace, in a convertible and with plenty of stops for cheese, pears and grapes, and fresh, crunchy bread. But perhaps without the drama of "Sideways". Or, maybe so.


Couldn't come home empty-handed.


Wendee said..., free tastings!
The dry and off-dry Rieslings, Gamay Rouge Champagne (although what I asked for .. was the Prestige Cuvee sparkling wine. 'Doh!)and the muscat.