Sunday, January 22, 2006

Collage class

I was at an artist's journalling class today. We all thought it might be sketching outdoors and coming back inside to embellish our books and drawings with objects we'd find along the way. It turned out to be more of a collage class, although, happily, no one was disappointed at all. You know the class is having fun when no one wants to leave for lunch!

We did the backgrounds in acrylic (these are like the gouache swatches I talked about earlier), then added images, or more paint...

You can click the images to see them at a larger scale.

This was a "use your hands" exercise. This was done as a two-page spread, which I've digitally combined.

This was the sgraffito exercise (you thought I was making that word up).
The swirly beach piece is also supposed to be a two-page spread, but I think it works better here as just the left half. The Camus quote was added digitally. I'm going to play with this more. I don't think the gold painted swirls show up very well in the digital image... It's a bit prettier in person.

Fun stuff :)

Added Jan. 29, 2006:
Here's a photo that shows off the gold swirls a little better...


Nina Berry said...

I really like the one with your hands. Did you outline them? Or is it freehand? Very cool.

Wendee said...

Outlined. Fun, huh? :)

Magoo said...

Just came across your blog.. Love the work..