Saturday, January 07, 2006

Brown bottles

So, I decided to clean out my fridge, throw out all the food still left over from Christmas, you know, stuff like that. For a long time, all I had in the fridge was hot, spicy mustard and ice cream.

Don’t ask.

(note, the photo is current, so that's why there's more than just the mustard bottle)

If you look carefully at the pumpkin carving photos, you will be assured that I’ve gotten back to stocking up on real food and will note (if you are very observant) that I like curly rotini pasta (and store it in resealable plastic bags), red meat sauce, diet coke, pesto, eggs and possibly Sprite (No, not so much. I had to give it away). And that’s just what you can see.

So anyway. While throwing out really old split-pea soup today, I noticed that I have this collection of beer and decided to organize it (Trust me: it’s not like anything else here is very well organized. Don’t know what came over me). You know there’s too great a variety of beer all in one place when the bottles can actually be organized. And it’s not like a sampler pack (just one bottle of each).

Oh gosh no.

Seems like I’ve managed to collect a whole bunch of stragglers. I thought, "Where’d they all come from?", and then realized that I’d bought them all, over a period of time. The only one I know I wouldn’t buy for myself is Newcastle, and I have my suspicions where those came from.

Apparently I prefer brown bottles with yellow labels (with a nod to bocks and hefeweizens).
And clearly, I don’t actually finish off a 6-pack before deciding that I really need to get more beer.


And Joe commented that I left off "Drink more beer" from my list? Hah. Right.

Woo! Party at Wendee's!


Wendee said...

Don't normal people just have one or two kinds of beer? I dunno..
Yeah, normal people wouldn't worry so much about having their beer be organized either, huh?

Anonymous said...

It takes a true beer conniseur to organize their beer, because most average beer drinkers do not hve more than one or two kinds in their fridge!! Not so strange for those of us with varied taste. :)


Wendee said...

If you say so. ... I'll drink to that! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Mikie would say or do with that picture of the mustard bottle ...HHHMMMMM????

I can see a stacy joke somewhere in there ...